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Create a Manifold Account

This page describes how to create a new user account on a Manifold instance.


Accounts can be created with an email address or your existing Google, Facebook, or Twitter profiles.

  1. Select the user link button, displayed as a silhouette avatar, on the right side of the header. This will open a modal overlay with a login form.
  2. Select the link that reads Need to sign up? beneath the Log In button.
  3. Enter into the appropriate fields your email address, display name, and password, and click the Create Account button.

At this point your new account is active, and you will be directed to a form titled Congratulations! where you can adjust your name, email, or password, and add an optional profile image.

All of these settings can be accessed and modified later by again clicking the user link button in the header and selecting Edit Profile from the dropdown.


If there are no options to log in with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter credentials, it means the group who is managing the instance has not configured those integrations.

Next Steps#

Now that you have an account you may want to configure your Notification Settings, Annotate a Text, or Join a Reading Group.