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Hello, and welcome to our Manifold Walkthroughs! This section of the documentation is different from our main documentation in a number of ways:

  1. It is more conversational.
  2. It is less technical.
  3. It is focused on detailing how to actually do specific tasks in Manifold instead of chronicling the nature of each button and knob you may come across when working in Manifold. 🥳
  4. It is incomplete.

That last point may seem troubling, but this section is incomplete by design, in the same way a garden is. We are going to continue to add and update this space as a practice, based on own work with Manifold as well as our experience working with other Manifold publishers.

And if you’re wondering who we are, wonder no more: we are Terence Smyre and Robin Miller of the Minnesota and CUNY branches of the Manifold family, respectively.

If there is something you don’t see here but need but want or if there is something you’d like us to expound further upon, just let us know at