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Configure Notifications

A Manifold instance can email you when certain activities of interest happen on the site. This pages describes how to enroll in and customize those notifications.


To configure your notification settings, you must already be logged into the instance of Manifold from which you want to receive updates.


Notification settings can be accessed from two places: (1) using the Notification Settings button found at the bottom of the Edit Profile modal or (2) by selecting the user button (displayed as a silhouette or user avatar) in the Manifold header and choosing Notifications from the resulting dropdown menu.

From the Notifications Settings view you can select from a range of options using the radio buttons to tailor when and what Manifold notifies you about.


The Notification Settings view is split into two sections, Project Activity and Other Activity.

Project Activity#

The options in this section correspond to those Projects you have added to My Collection.


See Collecting Content for more about the process of adding content to your Collection and Reading Groups.

For those projects you have made part of My Collection, you can select to be notified daily or weekly (or never) about new Texts, Resources, or Resource Collections that have been added to those projects.

You can also use the available radio buttons to choose to be updated in the same email about any new comments or annotations associated with those projects that have been added since your last update.

It is not possible to choose to only be notified about Annotations or Comments (and not about added content) for Projects you have included in My Collection.

Email notifications for Project Activity go out daily or weekly at 6:00 a.m., according to the time of the server hosting the instance. If you are hosting your instance through Manifold Digital Services, the local server time is on Pacific Time (UTC -7 or -8, depending on Daylight Savings).

Users with Administrator or Editor roles, you have an additional option to be notified along these same lines for every Project on the instance and not just those part of My Collection. That option appears for you under the “Which Projects Should Be Included” heading.

Other Activity#

Unlike Project Activity, notifications you enable in this section are sent out in real time and correspond directly to new annotations and comments.

Using the two radio button options, you can choose to receive a notification when someone responds or comments on an annotation you have left publicly or have a notification sent to you every time an annotation or comment is saved to any Project within the instance. Depending on the amount of users an instance has and how engaged with projects they are, this option could quickly become overwhelming.

Users with Administrator roles have an additional option to also be notified any time a comment is flagged.