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Set Reader Appearance

Readers can adjust how Manifold displays Texts. This page describes how to adjust the font, color scheme, and margins within the Manifold Reader.

Accessing Appearance Options#

To configure the Reader’s appearance, open a Text in Manifold.

The Reader Appearance options are found in the reader settings section of the menu bar, visually labelled with an icon displaying a capital and lowercase letter a.

Saved Settings

So long as you are signed in, the settings you save in this section persist across an entire instance and are not tied to a specific Text or Project, though they can be accessed and adjusted from any Text.

Understanding the Interface#

A dropdown menu will appear when you select the Reader Appearance options button. The menu is broken into three sections that control font type and size, color scheme, and margin width. The interface can be interacted with using either a mouse or keyboard. Keyboard controls are discussed in the pertinent sections below.

Font Type and Size#

This section of the menu panel is made up of two groups of options. In the first group you can select between a serif or sans-serif font. For keyboard users, once you’ve tabbed to this section of the menu, you can use the up or down arrows to navigate between the two font-style options. Once your focus is on your selection, you do not need to do anything further to save your choice.

After selecting a font style you can adjust the font size using the decrease or increase buttons, denoted with minus and plus sign buttons. Keyboard users can tab between the options and use the space bar to incrementally adjust the size down or up.

Color Scheme#

The Manifold Reader has two color schemes: light and dark. The light version presents text in black against a white background. The dark version shows the text as white against a dark gray background.

Using a keyboard, after you tab into this section of the Appearance panel, use the arrow pad to adjust your color selection. Once your focus is on your selection, you do not need to do anything further to save your choice.

Text Margins#

The third section of the Appearance menu allows you to adjust the width of the left and right margins in the Manifold reader, either increasing or decreasing them. This will have the effect of making the text block in the Reader either take up more or less horizontal space.

When using a keyboard, you can tab between the two options, using the space bar to select your choice. Once you have made your selection you can then use the space bar to incrementally adjust the margins up or down accordingly.

Reset Settings to the Defaults#

If you find you want to start fresh after making some adjustments, that’s no problem. The final option of the menu is a button that reads Reset to Defaults. If you select this, the Manifold reader will reset the font, font size, color, and margins back to their default settings.