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Manage Subjects


The fields discussed in this section can be accessed from the Manifold backend by selecting Settings from the main menu and then Subjects in the submenu.

Only users logged in with an Admin account can access these settings.

Subjects are the primary means of cataloging the scope of the Projects and Journals in your Manifold library. They serve as filtering options for readers browsing your instance and as a means for Admins and Editors to curate Project Collections.

Manifold construes Subjects as a formal framework reflecting your editorial vision. As such, Subject listings can only be created or modified by Admins on this page. The process of assigning one or more Subjects to a Project takes place within individual Project, Journal, and Issue records.

Subjects vs. Tags

Tags are a less formal means of framing content in your instance and can be created and assigned by any user who can edit Projects or modify Resource metadata. Unlike Subjects, Tags can be also associated with Resources, in addition to Projects.

Creating Subjects#

Add a new Subject to your instance by clicking the Add a Subject button. This will open a drawer from the right side of your screen where you can identify it in the Name field.

To save the new Subject, click the Save and Continue button or use the return key on your keyboard. If the name you input is already in the system, Manifold will let you know and wait for a unique entry from you.

There is no artificial limit to the amount of Subjects you can create.

Updating or Deleting Subjects#

To modify or delete a Subject, find and select its name in the list of Subjects. This will open a drawer where you can update the Name field, or, if you click Delete Subject, remove the Subject form the system.

When you update or delete a Subject, Manifold will automatically update all Projects that are associated with that Subject record accordingly.